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Sixty Strikes

The NATIONAL CRICKET LEAGUE is an exciting venture that aims to introduce the short and fast-paced format of cricket to the United States. While the format may be new to the American audience, it has already gained popularity in other parts of the world, including the Abu Dhabi 10 Over League.

The Sixty Strikes  offers a quick and action-packed game, with matches typically lasting around 90 minutes. This appeal to viewers who prefer a shorter duration compared to longer formats like Tests or even 50-overs cricket. The format is known for its power hitting and high- scoring matches, with sixes and fours being a common sight.

International players who have experience in 10-over cricket can bring their skills to the Sixty Strikes USA Sports Franchise, adding to the excitement and competitiveness of the matches. The fast-paced nature of the format allows players to be more aggressive and showcase their abilities in a shorter span of time.

In addition to cricketing talent, the NCL plans to feature big names from various fields, including coaches, mentors, Bollywood and Hollywood entertainers. This mix of sports and entertainment is likely to attract a diverse audience and create a unique atmosphere for the matches. Overall, the NCL aims to cater to the preferences of the American audience by providing an action-packed cricketing experience within a shorter time frame.

Earlier there were Tests, then 50-overs, then 20-overs and now Sixty Strikes 10 over format. We believe that the new format has given players an opportunity to develop new skills and techniques, making them better suited to the Sixty Strikes 10 over format. This has allowed players to be more aggressive in their approach, which has translated into the Sixty Strikes 10 over format.

The NCL will feature some of the biggest names – International Players, Coaches and Mentors.